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Superhero Passions: Superhero Singles Online

  • epgah
  • I LOVE Superheroes, and we NEED one (or more) in r
  • Did any of you play City of Heroes? Or Freedom Force? I am involved with the SEGS project, which was originally going to "just" be a Private Server Emulator for COH/COV, but it's mutated into more, and arguably better. We need it, now that Marvel Heroes is dead, Champions is kinda...lukewarm, and MicroProse dissolved before they could release Agents of Justice (Superhero version of X-COM)...
  • 39 years old
  • Springfield, MO, USA
  • Last Online: Now

  • drjohn3
  • I ENJOY Batman, Spider-Man & Hawkeye! Currently, the only superpower I would choose, would be, the ability to, utilize, my mind! As it is, NEITHER Batman NOR Hawkeye have any SUPER power!
  • 68 years old
  • Springfield, MO, USA
  • Last Online: Now

  • larseilenfeld
  • Guardians Page
  • 53 years old
  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Last Online: Now

  • myoko
  • :
  • 36 years old
  • Acme, OR, USA
  • Last Online: Now